Wilson True Series Golf Balls and Perfectly Balanced Golf Balls

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What is a perfectly balanced golf ball?

Wilson True Series Golf Balls and Perfectly Balanced Golf Balls

If you ever missed a putt because at the last second the golf ball turned away from the hole although it did not look like there was a break, you may be the victim of an unbalanced golf ball.

Golf balls are made of several layers of materials, some being denser than others. If each layer isn't perfectly centered on the ball, the ball may have a heavy spot. There are many machines that can tell you if your ball has a heavy spot, one spins the ball really fast and the heavy spot goes to the top of the machine. The point is, if you ball isn't perfectly balances it will fly and roll differently than expected. To exagerate the effect, put a small piece of gum on one side of a golf ball and roll it on a flat surface. The ball will roll toward the side where the gum is. Another test is to take a golf ball and put it into a bowl of water. Keep adding epson salt to the water until the ball floats. When the ball settles, the light side will be up. Put a mark on the light side with a permanent marker, now spin the ball in the water, if the mark that you put on the ball comes to the top, the ball has a heavy side. Estimates show that nearly 12% of all golf balls are unbalanced and every major manufacturer has balls that fall into this category.

What Wilson has done in their true line of balls is to make all of the layers of the golf ball the same density so that if any layer is off center, there will not be any affect on the weight distribution throughout the ball.



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