Stop Golf Club From Slipping

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How do I stop my golf club from slipping in my hand?

Stop Golf Club From Slipping

If your grips are good, you shouldn't have a slipping problem unless they get slick. To keep your golf club grips at optimal takiness, wash them with dish soap and warm water.

Other factors that may be affecting the slipping problem include the gloves that you are or are not wearing. Like grips, gloves can become slick and should be replaced after every few rounds. Also, make sure your gloves fit tight enough not to allow the golf club to twist in your hand. If you are not wearing a glove, I would suggest that you do or at least try to find some sort of sticky material to use on your hands to prevent the slippage. Lastly, check to see if you may need mid-size or oversized golf club grips. Some golfers that have large hands, arthritis or other medical problems that affect how hard they can grip the club benefit from the larger grips. If you normally wear an XL or XXL glove, you are definitely a candidate for oversized grips.



9/4/2006 11:40:27 AM
Bill said:

Most slippage is caused by a swing fault and not the grip or glove. Keep the grips clean, replace them if worn and if the slipping problem remains see a pro for a lesson.


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