No More Lost Golf Balls

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I seem to be losing golf balls all the time, and that’s getting expensive. What can I do about it?

No More Lost Golf Balls

If you've been losing too many golf balls lately, there's a new high-tech device you might want to consider adding to your golf gear. It's called the RadarGolf Ball Positioning System. There are two elements involved.
One is the RadarGolf Handheld device. The other is the tiny microchip implanted in the core of the RadarGolf ball. When you hit one of these balls into the woods or into heavy rough, as you get closer to your ball you will begin to hear a pulsed beeping. There will be visual indications as well on the handheld device's Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). When you buy this device, you'll get a protective case, a dozen RadarGolf balls, and two specially-lined shield pouches so your spare RadarGolf balls will not interfere with your search. All of these elements are combined in the RadarGolf Sharper Image System at an estimated retail cost of $249.95.



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