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A Putter's Paradise

Want to know how to increase your putting average 50%+ from five feet and in? This simple yet effective putting drill can be completed in less than ten minutes. Pick out a flat spot on a practice putting green and shove a tee in to the ground about half way. Next measure out a five foot putt away from the tee (you can just eye this measurment). Once you're all setup, start putting at the tee. You'll want to start off trying to hit the tee ten times in a row without missing. If you miss one, start over. Do this drill a few times a week and when you gain confidence, challenge yourself to hitting the tee 15 times, then 20 and so on. By the time you get on the course, the cup will look so big that you could make the five footer with your eyes closed.


A Comfortable Stance

One of the keys to improving your golf swing as a beginner, starts with improving your stance. Try standing with your feet shoulder width apart, slightly bending your knees so that you are nice and comfortable. Next bend over at the waist so that your arms hang down comfortably with the golf club. Finally, don't tense up too much during the swing, just relax and let your body go through its natural motions.

How do you sink more putts?

Loose Grips Sink Ships

Everyone knows the proper putting stroke starts with the correct shoulder movement. But not everyone knows that your grip could play a huge role in isolating your shoulder movement and creating a more consistent putting stroke. Try gripping the putter with your left hand as if you were holding a baby bird. You don't want to hold it too tight, because there's a chance of hurting it, then again you don't want to hold it to lightly, for it might fly away. When you grip the putter with your right hand, remember, it's only along for the ride, it won't be doing any of the driving. Once you've found your comfortable grip, slightly strong with the left hand, weak with the right, you'll then push the putter back with your left hand and also pull it through. It might help to try a few stokes with just your left hand!


Quick Fix for Slick Grips

If you have worn out grips that cause the club to slip in your hand but don't have the time or money to replace them right away, try rubbing them back and forth on the concrete a few times. This works great on most types of cart paths and also concrete benches. The roughness of the concrete will slightly tear up the grip and add a unique texture. Just make sure you're willing to replace those grips soon after.

How do you hit a draw?

Drawing Woes

It's been said that the perfect golf shot is a Draw, eight yards from right to left. However, the average golfer doesn't have the time to put in on the range to create a consistent draw pattern. With the right amount of practice, these few tips will allow golfers of all skill levels to experience the thrill of hitting that perfect draw.
The best part about these draw tips is you don't have to alter your grip or your swing. The first thing you always want to do is pick out your target and line up as if you were to hit a straight shot. When you feel comfortable with where you are aiming, try closing your stance as if you were to hit the ball ten feet to right of the pin (left of the pin for left handers). This will create a natural tendency to come across the ball, in turn creating a counter clockwise spin. Take a few normal swings to see how it feels. If you need to, while aiming at the target with a slightly closed stance, line the ball up on the toe of your club head. This will also create more spin to shape your ball from right to left.

How do you hit a buried bunker shot?

Buried Bunker Shot

The most important thing to remember when you have a buried bunker shot, is you don't have to swing hard to get the ball out, whether it be a fairway bunker or a greenside one. Hitting the ball properly on the clubface is far more important than how hard you swing. If you are buried in a bunker always use a sand or a lob wedge and address the ball as if you were to hit a normal shot. Open up the clubface on your SW or LW and make a nice, smooth, powerful swing at the ball. When you make this swing, be sure that you're driving the heel of your wedge towards the ball, trust me you won't hit it with the heel, this just adds extra power to lift the ball from it' s cocoon.


The Hybrid Craze

There are numerous types of new golf clubs on the market, so I can understand the confusion. The newest craze when it comes to golf clubs is the hybrid. Hybrid golf clubs allow mid to high handicappers the ability to hit better golf shots from longer distances. Golfers can replace their hard to hit long irons with hybrids and take strokes off their game.


Pick a Spot, any Spot

When chipping the golf ball, first find a spot on the green, usually a little left or a little right of the pin depending on the break, and concentrate on landing the ball at that spot. If the greens are fast, you'll have to land the ball ten to fifteen feet shorter than normal. Make sure you give your ball enough green to roll out towards the hole. Once you have picked out your spot on the green, concentrate on only hitting the golf ball at that spot. If you picked correctly, the ball will end up in the hole!

How do you hit a side hill lie?

Side Hill Lies

When hitting a shot where the ball is above your feet, remeber that it will automatically shape your ball flight to the left. The angle of the hill will close your clubface at impact, in turn, causing you to pull or in some cases hook your golf shot. With this type of shot, you will always want to choke down on the shaft of the club and aim five to ten feet right of the target. When you make a normal swing and good contact with the ball, your shot will resemble a slight draw. If the ball is below your feet, the shot will do the exact opposite. At impact, unless you are aiming five to ten feet left of the target, the ball will sail right on you, resembling a slight fade

How do you eliminate bad fairway shots?

Divot Training

It's never a bad idea to hit a few shots on the range out of a divot. You never know when you'll encounter one of these obstacles on the course, especially in the middle of the fairway.


The Importance of Walking Bags

In a time where excercise is growing in popularity, more and more golfers are choosing to walk the golf course rather than ride it. Walking bags, or stand bags, are an important part of the golfers arsenal. Not only do they allow golfers to excercise by walking the golf course, these golf bags can aid in how well a player scores. With the new technology of leading manufacturers, golf bags are becoming lighter and lighter. Throughout the course of walking 18 holes, carrying a lighter golf bag will allow you to use less energy, in turn, giving you the ability to lower your score.

What is proper golf etiquette?

Golf Etiquette for Beginners

Etiquette is a vital part of golf, and there's a few rules you need to know before you ever step on the first tee. Just remeber, these are the very basics. Never talk or move around on the tee box when one of your playing partners is addressed to his/her golf ball. Always repair your ball marks on the green. Always pay careful attention to whos turn it is to hit, you wouldn't want to hit out of turn. And lastly, dress like a professional. Not only will you impress your foursome, but if you dress like a pro, you'll play like a pro!

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