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What’s a unique gift I can consider giving to one of my prime clients who is also a golfer

A Gift to Use in Mapping a Golf Course

Prime clients on your golf gift list might get quite a bang out of the SureShot Golf GPS, priced to retail for about $400. This satellite-driven device has some amazing features, including giving the user the ability to map the course the golfer is playing. As a guide in selecting the right club for a particular shot, it not only shows distance to the green but any hazards that might be in the way.
The user has the ability to note the distance to the front, center, and back of any green on the course, whether he can see the green or not. Up to 10 complete courses can be mapped and stored on this device, ideal for the golfer who plays at a lot of other clubs in addition to his home course. It also allows the golfer to check on his game and record distances achieved with specific clubs, fairways hit, greens made in regulation (GIR), putts taken on each hole, and a host of other statistics.

Why is a rangefinder with slope compensation a good gift idea for an important client who is also a golfer?

Buying a Rangefinder for a Good Price

Rangefinger's vary in price and quality, from top-of-the line rangefinders in the $400 class or more, down to much simpler rangefinders in the $20 to $30 range. The more expensive rangefinders, especially those with slope compensation, are both more accurate and more appealing to the avid golfer. Those with the slope factored in will give the golfer the true yardage to his target, which can make a big difference in club selection. This can vary from eight to nine yards, sometimes more, depending on the slope from the ball to the target. The true reading will be less when the golfer is on a downslope to the pin, and more, if he is shooting upward in an incline.

What’s a good gift idea for the golfers on my list who want to improve their chip shots?

A Chip-Mate Chipping Net

All golfers want to improve their chip shots and make them more accurate so they will roll closer to the hole. And like most golfers, they welcome the opportunity to get in some extra practice so they can improve these shots and lower their scores. One gift idea that can help make this a reality for golfers on your gift list is the Chip-Mate Chip-Mate Chipping Net. This retails for about $50 and comes with an instructional video. The Chip-Mate net consists of a brightly colored target design, 30 inches in diameter, with a red bullseye pocket in the center. The target is made of strong nylon cloth affixed to a sturdy metal frame, configured to sit on floor or ground at an angle. This means it can be set up indoors or out and used year-round. It is especially useful to the golfer who wants to practice whenever time permits and not have to wait until he gets to the course.

Can I find a good, reasonably priced scope to give to my golfing clients?

Not All Scopes Are Expensive

Looking for an inexpensive gift idea that your golfing clients would appreciate? If they're like most golfers, improving their game and getting longer, straighter shots is important. Knowing just how far away the target is, whether it's a spot on the fairway or the green itself, would be a big help to them. That's the kind of advantage that a golf scope can give them. Some are very fine-tuned with lots of features that shoot the price up. But you don't have to spend a lot of money if you want to give some of your clients a scope. Some very serviceable scopes are available in the $20 to $30 dollar range, including those with an 8X magnification, and a carrying case to enhance the gift presentation. Usually it can be imprinted with your company's logo and/or the person's initials at a small additional charge. These scopes also come with lens cleaning cloths, full instructions, and a lanyard so the owner can wear it around his neck.

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