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What is a Divit?

What is a divot?

A divot, in golfing terms, is the chunk of grass and subsequent hole that is left in the ground when a golfer takes a little bit too much of the turf on his swing.

For some clubs, like the sand wedge, it is neccesary to take a divot in order to hit under the ball enough to produce the correct high trajectory and spin.

The patch of grass that flies up from the ground is called a divot. Also, the hole left in the ground is often referred to as a divot. Golfers should remember to carefully replace and repair these divots in order to ensure the quality of the golf course.

I am thinking of becomming a Golf Caddy. What advice would you have for me. I walk alot and am fit and healthy.

Becomming a Professional Caddie

One of the best tips for becoming a professional caddie is first being able to make yourself study. If you loved studying for tests in school then you will make a good caddie. Golf tournaments are like school finals. The more you study the course, your golfer, the elements, the competition, etc. the better you will do on the test. Professional caddies know more about the golf course having never seen it, than most members of the course. Fitness is important, but not as important as keeping your mind fresh and healthy.


A Comfortable Stance

One of the keys to improving your golf swing as a beginner, starts with improving your stance. Try standing with your feet shoulder width apart, slightly bending your knees so that you are nice and comfortable. Next bend over at the waist so that your arms hang down comfortably with the golf club. Finally, don't tense up too much during the swing, just relax and let your body go through its natural motions.


The Importance of Walking Bags

In a time where excercise is growing in popularity, more and more golfers are choosing to walk the golf course rather than ride it. Walking bags, or stand bags, are an important part of the golfers arsenal. Not only do they allow golfers to excercise by walking the golf course, these golf bags can aid in how well a player scores. With the new technology of leading manufacturers, golf bags are becoming lighter and lighter. Throughout the course of walking 18 holes, carrying a lighter golf bag will allow you to use less energy, in turn, giving you the ability to lower your score.


The Hybrid Craze

There are numerous types of new golf clubs on the market, so I can understand the confusion. The newest craze when it comes to golf clubs is the hybrid. Hybrid golf clubs allow mid to high handicappers the ability to hit better golf shots from longer distances. Golfers can replace their hard to hit long irons with hybrids and take strokes off their game.


A Putter's Paradise

Want to know how to increase your putting average 50%+ from five feet and in? This simple yet effective putting drill can be completed in less than ten minutes. Pick out a flat spot on a practice putting green and shove a tee in to the ground about half way. Next measure out a five foot putt away from the tee (you can just eye this measurment). Once you're all setup, start putting at the tee. You'll want to start off trying to hit the tee ten times in a row without missing. If you miss one, start over. Do this drill a few times a week and when you gain confidence, challenge yourself to hitting the tee 15 times, then 20 and so on. By the time you get on the course, the cup will look so big that you could make the five footer with your eyes closed.

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