How to Stop “Looking Up”

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How can I cure myself of “looking up” when I’m hitting my drives?

How to Stop “Looking Up”

Many beginning golfers have the “Look Up” problem. They are so anxious to see where the ball might go that they "look before they leap" and miss the ball completely. In some groups, if you do this you get charged with a stroke you have not made. Others beginners will let you get away with it and give you a chance to really hit the ball. Why do beginngers do this? Here are four important rules or techniques to keep in mind:
- Make sure you rotate your hips properly when you make impact.
- Keep your arms fully extended until you complete your shot.
- Concentrate on a low follow-through, keeping your eye on the ball.
- Make yourself wait until the ball has been hit and is far into the distance before you look to see where it has gone.



10/6/2007 3:06:09 PM
dillan said:

How hard is it to look up

4/1/2009 3:18:52 AM
Shirl said:

I haven't been able to make myself wait, until the ball has been hit. How can I do that?

6/26/2011 1:26:57 AM
Anonymous said:

Great subject! It's always hard to miss that one simple, natural mistake when driving a ball down range!


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