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What features does the TaylorMade r7 460 have that would be good for my game

Advance Your Game

You'd like to hit longer and straighter drives off the tee, wouldn't you? There's a new driver on the market that can help do this for you.

The taylor made r7 460, which has the largest clubhead allowed by the USGA, is usually priced between $300 and $400 and this club offers a terrific enhancement to the forgiveness factor. It has also incorporated movable weight technology, allowing you to change the center of gravity at will. By doing this you can set your own launch conditions and trajectories. The club comes with two launch-control cartridges, one weighing 14 grams, the other 2 grams. By putting the 2-gram cartridge in the toe port and the 14-gram cartridge in the heel port, you shift the center of gravity toward the heel of the club. By reversing this procedure you can shift the center of gravity to the toe of the club. You can do whatever you think best helps your game, whatever adds power, accuracy, and distance to your drives.



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