When it Rains, Keep Golfing

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What should a woman do when it rains out on the course?

When it Rains, Keep Golfing

What should you do if you're in play and it suddenly starts to rain? Maybe it's just a light shower that will soon end, causing only a short interruption in play. Maybe you're involved in match play with friends, or competing in a tournament, or just having too much fun to stop. So what should you do?
Many golfers prepared for just such an emergency carry a lightweight rain jacket and rain hat stashed in their bags. There are many such outfits available designed to protect your golfing clothes. Look for a jacket in lightweight, waterproofed material with fast-acting zippers and elasticized waistbands, made with style and comfort as well as clothes protection in mind. One jacket that fills this bill is the Zero Restriction Ladies Featherweight Jacket, which retails for about $240. A similar rain jacket is made by Zero Restriction for men, but priced higher.



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