Hitting A Moving Ball

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What’s the rule when a golf ball is inadvertently hit more than once during a stroke?

Hitting A Moving Ball

Have you ever hit a moving ball while playing golf? It can certainly happen, and has to some golfers. Here's one instance: a golfer was chipping his ball while off the green and he struck it once at first strike and then again in his follow-through. Not a big deal, maybe, in a game with friends. But if he was playing in a tournament the U.S. Golf Association wouldn't let him get away with it. They'd give him a one-stroke penalty to add to his score. But what if you're on the tee, you swing your driver back getting ready to give it all the power you have, and suddenly your ball begins to move. Quick as a flash you continue with the downswing in time to put the ball in flight. In this case, because the ball started to move after the player had begun his swing, there would be no penalty. In the first case the player hit the ball twice; but in this case only once. A fine distinction, perhaps, but the U.S. G.A. rules are very strict, and rightly so.



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