Buying a Rangefinder for a Good Price

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Why is a rangefinder with slope compensation a good gift idea for an important client who is also a golfer?

Buying a Rangefinder for a Good Price

Rangefinger's vary in price and quality, from top-of-the line rangefinders in the $400 class or more, down to much simpler rangefinders in the $20 to $30 range. The more expensive rangefinders, especially those with slope compensation, are both more accurate and more appealing to the avid golfer. Those with the slope factored in will give the golfer the true yardage to his target, which can make a big difference in club selection. This can vary from eight to nine yards, sometimes more, depending on the slope from the ball to the target. The true reading will be less when the golfer is on a downslope to the pin, and more, if he is shooting upward in an incline.



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