What are some good tips on golf swing instruction?

Lead Foot Tip

To help get your weight shift going at the target, try slanting your lead foot a little towards the target.

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<---target line

Swing Easy

Swing easy. Do not try to kill the golf ball. Your timing will be better and you will have more control and consistency by swinging easy.

Improve Bunker Shots

Gettting out of a greenside bunker can be easy when you know these three rules.

#1-Use a Sand Wedge with a large sole to slide through the sand.

#2-Strike the sand behind the ball as you accelerate to a full finish. Most players hit the sand behind the ball and "quit" on the shot, leaving the ball in the bunker.

#3- Make sure you use a light grip pressure. Holding the club too tightly will "freeze" your wrists making it difficult to slide the club under the ball in the sand properly.

Golf Slicing Tip

What you have is what some call a slice or fade. This occurs when the golf club head is open at impact causing side spin on the ball. The initial momentum of the golf ball sends it straight, but as the forward momentum decreases, the affects of the spin take over and move your ball right.

Several causes for this condition include the equipment you use and your swing. Golfing equipment problems include golf club shafts that may be too flexible, make sure your shaft is right for your swing speed. Another golfing equipment problem may be that the head of the golf club driver that you have is open faced.

A neutral or closed faced driver, usually called an offset driver, will help stop a slice. When it comes to the swing there are many different exercises that can help you with solving the problem, most include drills on trying to swing from the inside out instead of the outside in.

The one that works pretty good for some people is this: Go to the golf driving range and tee up as you normally do. Now try to hook the ball really bad. Exaggerate turning your hands over. Keep doing this at least 15 times or until you hook every shot. Now try to hit one straight. You will see that the exaggerated swing begins to build muscle memory and causes you to turn you hands over better even on your normal shot.

Pre-Shot Routine

Every golfer has his/her own pre-shot routine. An example of a good pre-shot routine would be: Stand behind the ball, pick an intermediate target, take a practice swing visualizing the ball flight to the target. Now, address the ball lining up the club face with the intermediate target, look at the target once again and swing through the golf ball with the same tempo you used on your golf practice swing.

Natural Instincts

Hitting the ball to the hole should be accomplished by the "feeling." When you were a kid playing a game of catch, it was easy to toss a baseball to the other guy (the target). Your mind never got in the way and wondered... "How far away is that guy?" "How hard should I throw it to reach him?" "How should I grip the ball?" You just threw it and it landed in his glove. I promise you that the golf clubs work and were designed for certain distances and situations. The only thought you need to have is, "How far did I hit this club the last time I hit it good?" Pick the golf club, swing freely ... it all falls into place.

Find Your Tempo By Using Your Senses

Find the tempo that gets your timing at its best. Look, listen and feel the way good timing occurs and remember it well. When you are struggling during a round, make practice swings until you get the timing to look, sound and feel correct again. Remember to use your senses.

Working the Second Shift

The down swing re-shifts weight from the back swing part of the swing. The weight transfer is from the rear foot to the front foot. The legs should shift at the target, then the down swing of the club is the natural release thru the ball. Learn to transfer the weight first, then the club for accurate, solid, long drives.

Stop That Slice!

Slicing the golf ball is one of the most common errors that average players make. The definition of a slice is a ball flight that curves from left-to-right for the right-handed golfer (opposite for lefties). To fix the slice you must change the position of the clubface at impact. Turn both your hands to the right on the grip (opposite for lefties)and be sure to hold the golf club in the crooks of your fingers. This will help square the clubface at impact resulting in longer and straighter shots.

Square Those Shoulders

If you squared your feet and neutralized your golf club grip and still sliced the ball, check to see if your shoulders are also aligned at the target. If not, square them to the hole.

Coming over the top - More Golfing Techniques

One reason players come over the top is that their arms and body are not in sync. Try extending a golf towel across your chest and hold it in place under your arms. Tee up a golf ball and take a 7 iron and hit some balls. Notice how the towel makes you turn your body more in sync with your arms. You will also notice that the balls you are hitting have a draw. Practice this for a while to get you muscles use to the timing of the body and arms swinging closer together then try a few without the towel and see if this helps.

More Golfing Techniques - Aiming for the Fade

Learn to use a fade to your advantage. Practice dialing in different degrees of fading by weakening your wrists, and having the corresponding alignment for each degree of fade. You will need it to score better on occasion.

Backswing - Golf Chipping Techniques

Keep your wrists locked with a pendulum motion on the back swing.

Hitting the Draw (Grip Method)

Try making your grip stronger to promote a draw by rolling your hands backwards in minute increments. Think of a clock with the seconds (hash line on it). The neutral point is 12 o'clock, so roll your hand to the 12:00:01 (1 second after 12) position and try a shot. Use trial and error as you rotate to different positions. At some point you should see a bend in the ball's flight pattern. So practice the draw; it will help your game.

How to Balance

Your balance and weight should be on the balls of your feet. Too much on the toes causes you to get off balance and make inconsistent shots. Too much on the heels causes lack of power and weight shift.

Free Golf Instruction

Here is an alternate way to get the ball on the green without using your putter from the fringe. Try practicing with and using the 3 wood, it gives you a bit of extra lift, like a chipper club, and can add to your arsenal. You have probably seen Tiger use it on occasion.

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