A Putter's Paradise

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A Putter's Paradise

Want to know how to increase your putting average 50%+ from five feet and in? This simple yet effective putting drill can be completed in less than ten minutes. Pick out a flat spot on a practice putting green and shove a tee in to the ground about half way. Next measure out a five foot putt away from the tee (you can just eye this measurment). Once you're all setup, start putting at the tee. You'll want to start off trying to hit the tee ten times in a row without missing. If you miss one, start over. Do this drill a few times a week and when you gain confidence, challenge yourself to hitting the tee 15 times, then 20 and so on. By the time you get on the course, the cup will look so big that you could make the five footer with your eyes closed.



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