Golf Balls for Hackers

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What brands of golf balls are recommended for weekend or occasional golfers who don’t play often enough to play well?

Golf Balls for Hackers

Golf is an expensive sport, even for the weekend or occasional golfer, not only because of green fees, but because of all that expensive equipment you need to have in your bag, including your golf balls. Are you paying more for balls than your game says you should? That could be the case if you have been buying only the top-rated balls that the pros use. The fact is that there are a host of good golf balls on the market, and many are on the low-price side, just waiting for occasional golfers to take advantage of. One site on the internet, Golf Balls 101, has made it its business to rate all balls, including balls for the non-pros or hackers. Nine balls are on its recommended list for hackers. Four of them are highly rated for distance, loft, spin, durability, and price. This includes the MaxFli A3 at $24.95 a dozen, the MaxFli Revolution EXT, $20.95 a dozen, the Dunlop 65U, $17.95 a dozen, and the Srixon Hi-Spin, $14.95 a dozen.



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