The Difference in Golf Balls

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My golf game is about average for a weekend golfer. What kind of golf ball should I be using?

The Difference in Golf Balls

It may seem bewildering to someone new to the game of golf to see so many brands of golf balls available. His first inclination might be to find out what the pros are using and buy some of those. If he does, he could be spending a lot more for his balls than he needs to, because he probably will not get the benefits the pros do. The balls the pros use are expensive because of the features they offer to low-handicap golfers, which includes higher spin rates for greater feel and control, in particular when the ball lands on the green. This type of ball is often referred to as a “soft” ball and usually costs $40 a dozen or more. According to golf authorities, the average golfer's game isn't good enough to realize the benefits of these balls.



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