Brand Name Golf Clubs for Women

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Are the new golf clubs for women really better than they used to be?

Brand Name Golf Clubs for Women

There is no shortage of brand names in golf clubs for women. You'll find lots of sales on the Internet as well as in local stores. Among those you might want to consider are the Wilson Pro Staff 360 Ladies Complete Set, with a list price in the $400 range, or the Cougar Tour Cat Pro 17-Piece set, which is priced lower, in the $100 to $200 range. Many of the new clubs have been carefully designed to help women improve their game.
For example, women with slower swing speeds will find clubs that will give them maximum loft, no matter where their ball happens to lie. Some of the newer woods have a 13.5 degree higher loft, to give you longer distance and greater accuracy. Irons with wider soles make it easier to achieve a lower center of gravity. They also give you an optimum launch angle for greater control and accuracy. Today's clubs are lighter, too. They can also help you increase your swing speed, and, as night follows day, give you greater ball speed and distance.



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