Fitting the Clubs to the Golfer

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What are the advantages of having fitted golf clubs?

Fitting the Clubs to the Golfer

Men and women who want to play at their best need golf clubs that fit their unique physical and swing characteristics. If you've never had custom-fitted golf clubs before, now is a good time to make a fresh start on your game with fitted clubs. They can make a big difference in how you score and how much you enjoy the game. This goes for woods, irons, and putters. Many of the large golf retailers have Custom Club Fitting departments.

There are many key factors involved in fitting, among them gender, height, length of wrist-to-turf, hand length, longest finger, and average driver swing speed. All of these and other important variables are used in selecting head design for woods and irons, shaft composition, such as stiff or flexible, shaft length, and club head speed. Attention is also given to grip size and using the correct glove for your size and swing.



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