Professional Golf Club Fitting

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What does the pro do when he is fitting me for golf clubs?

Professional Golf Club Fitting

The first thing the pro will do is have you warm up for a few minutes with your own golf club. Take several practice golf swings and hit a few golf balls until you feel comfortable and loose. Swing like you normally swing, don't worry if it doesn't look good, that is not important right now.

The next thing the pro will do is examine your current golf clubs by watching where you hold the club, if you are choking up or reaching, plus the pro will be noticing if the toe of your club is pointing up or down when you set up or swing.

The pro will make a quick determination from your initial set-up and start handing you custom golf clubs that are already adjusted for length and lie. He will watch you ball flight and comfort level to see when you are close to a match. When he thinks you are close, he will put some impact tape on the face and sole of the club and have you hit a few more balls off of an impact board. He will examine the tape to see if during the swing the toe or heel is hitting first and if you are making solid center face contact with the ball. At the same time the pro will have set up the swing speed machine and record your actual swing speed.

Armed with this information, the pro will be able to hand you the proper fitted golf club and you should see marked improvement.



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